Who we are

Combining studies in occupational psychology, strategic and collaborative leadership with extensive workplace leadership experience means we enable businesses to transform and perform better and people to grow and achieve their greatest potential.

This rich combination ensures we look at the whole ‘system’ and enables sustained business excellence. Perform and Grow is great at getting underneath a business and inspiring new ways of working and improving performance. Underpinning everything we do is our passion for great business performance through positive people leadership.

With experience in operational delivery, process, project and call centre management as well as psychology, HR, leadership and organisational development, Perform & Grow brings a very practical approach to some big strategic and sticky issues both in the UK and internationally. This blend of business delivery and people management experience provides the backdrop for Perform & Grow’s approach. Perform & Grow deliberately focuses on ‘growing’ the people first, believing that better business performance will almost always follow.

Perform & Grow is led by Sally Evans, MSc, Chartered FCIPD, MABP, an experienced Business Psychologist, Organisation Development and Strategic HR professional, with over 30 years experience of enabling transformational change as a strategic leader and manager of large operational teams across the public and private sector.


Recent Projects

UK and International

We’re passionate about helping organisations and businesses to be better, more of the time, through a focus on people performance and engagement.


An ongoing two year project to support the Lao Statistics Bureau to develop their first ever HR Strategy and their Institutional Capacity Plan which will be used to mobilise resources for future growth and development. Also providing HR Management training to the brand new HR Team – exciting!



Visiting GOPA at their offices near Frankfurt. We have partnered with GOPA on several projects including the provision of change management training to several of the (pre-accession) Balkan nations in Croatia.


Abu Dhabi

Having conducted a three day Project and Change Management course, the government employees were keen to share how they would implement their new skills in the Statistics Department and Dubai Civil Service.



On location in Dhaka, supporting the Department for International Development (UKAid) develop a performance management framework for budgetary spend and improve operational efficiency in data collection.



nice doing business with you...

Our clients face complex challenges, high customer expectations and are forward thinking. We have been delighted to partner with them on a range of projects that are helping them create the conditions for great performance.